Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

Clinical consideration

  • To take ward adjusts every day.
  • Freely complete extensive patient appraisal and create clinical administration plan.
  • Present the ward round to senior palliative consideration doctor.
  • Guarantee that contributions of Specialist Palliative consideration doctors in the group are looked for, taken, archived and executed for quiet consideration plans.
  • Keep up state-of-the-art and exact documentation of care in persistent records including electronic clinical records.
  • Freely do minor methods at ward level like nasogastric tube inclusion, urinary catheter addition, wound administration and so on.
  • Stay up with the latest information the pharmacology of meds that are generally utilized in palliative consideration.
  • To cling to all CPC arrangements and systems.

Outer OPD/Outreach centers

  • Give clinical consideration to patients alluded through outer OPDs.
  • Emergency the patients found in outer OPDs for OPD conference or affirmation at CPC or home consideration enlistment according to the need.
  • MDT-Multi disciplinary collaboration
  • Partake gainfully in clinical Multi-disciplinary work including Ward rounds, Meetings and to guarantee legitimate documentation.
  • Prescribe a particular cases to be examined in MDT meeting.
  • Present the cases in MDT meeting as relegated.
  • Guarantee execution and documentation of MDT meeting conversation on understanding records

Examination and Training

  • Embrace and guide exploration and ventures in the field of Palliative consideration. Aid the improvement of guidelines of care and practice.
  • Take an interest scholarly meetings and preparing programs for aptitude advancement.
  • Offer information and ability with different individuals from the CPC clinical group and more extensive wellbeing and social consideration network through formal and casual educating.

Clinical Governance

  • Contribute and take an interest in review and clinical administration exercises to guarantee constant help and care quality improvement.
  • Guarantee any episodes, close to misses and protests from patients, carers, families and others are accounted for and overseen delicately, successfully and as per CPC arrangements and methods.
  • Effectively energize the inception of review/research exercises.
  • Guarantee consistence with all CPC arrangements, techniques, wellbeing and security and other compulsory prerequisites.
  • Guarantee arrangement and interest in exercises intended to improve clinical practice for example clinical oversight, intelligent practice, question.
  • Emphatically take an interest in yearly evaluations and individual execution surveys.
  • Be liable for creating mindfulness through intelligent work on, exhibiting a guarantee to spreading data and sharing encounters.
  • Add to an atmosphere where colleagues straightforwardly examine and challenge norms of individual practice and where dynamic can be approved as a group.
  • Assume liability for everyday checking of dangers, episodes, mishaps and close to misses to limit hazard to patients, families, parental figures, guests and staff.
  • Practice and advance patient classification consistently. Exhibit proficient time the board and an adaptable demeanor to working examples.
  • Work inside the restrictions of own competency and duty and allude zones that are outside of your competency to your line chief.
  • Approach everybody with deference and pride. Regard and backing all partners. Keep up an expert, agreeable and positive impact.

General Responsibilities

Know how own conduct can influence and impact the conduct of others. Keep up sensible consideration for own wellbeing, security and government assistance and that of others who might be influenced by your activities or missions.

Desired Candidate Profile

Educational qualifications:


Excellent Proficiency in English both Written and verbal. And excellent communication skill, also proficient in Hindi & Marathi.

Relevant experience:

Minimum 1-2 years of experience in Health care set up.

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